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Feb 2015 UKSPA Event


Tax Insight will be at the exciting 2015 UKSPA event at Imperial College London. The event presents a good opportunity for all types of businesses involved in innovation, research and forward development to update across a range of exciting emerging technologies. We look forward to seeing fellow UKSPA members there…(Read More)

We have been asked to provide ‘feedback’ on the effectiveness of the UK’s R & D tax relief programme We are inviting readers to comment on these areas Areas for improvement ( Extend to partnerships and all types of SME?) Effectiveness of tax v cash incentives Problems with wider EEC reliefs Incubator / start up…(Read More)

A refreshing start to the New Year as the Government remind us of the flagship corporate tax roadmap available for innovative companies by launching the ‘Business is Great Britain’ website. In this no expense spared gloss over of the  mainstream tax breaks open to UK companies, the site does certainly provide us with an enticing…(Read More)

Happy New Year 2015! According to the Financial Times, the Tech sector has been one of the most funded sectors for third party investment funds into start up’s in 2014. Highlights include an estimated $2.1 billion across global tech businesses, compared to $1.1 billion in 2013. The increase reflects both increased UK…(Read More)