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Science & Innovation Community

The UK Economy depends upon businesses investing in innovation. We have worked with the scientific and innovation community for over fifteen years, helping companies engaged in innovation claim valuable tax reliefs, grants and practical assistance to reach a range of markets.

There are currently over twenty five communities around the UK. Here are some of the organisations we have strong links with:

  • National Physics Laboratory
  • Guildford Science & Research Centre
  • Kingston University

If you are an innovator in this Community looking for practical advice call us now.

Helping Advisors to help their clients

Over 60% of our referrals come from Advisors keen to secure the benefits of R & D tax reliefs for their clients. This is not limited to Accountants wishing to offer expert tax advice for their clients, but a range of professionals including patent attorneys.

Advice for Accountants

Our Tax Partner Maria Kitt was commissioned by Bloomsbury Professional Press to write the leading reference, ‘UK R & D tax reliefs’ for the profession. Maria also lectures to accountants and lawyers on R & D around the Country.

Accountants play a crucial role in identifying companies potentially carrying out R & D activities, but specialising in accounts and audit, will often lack extensive experience and expertise in this complex area of corporation tax. This is where expertise adds real value to the client, enabling all cash tax benefits to be claimed in a way that complies with HMRC’s strict requirements.

Tax Insight can work in Partnership supplementing the accountant / client relationship and enabling the accountant to seek expertise and insight into the R & D opportunity.

With ex HMRC staff, we are able to offer assistance to Accountants with HMRC enquiries.

Patents, Copyright & Intellectual Property

Innovative companies need to register a range of intellectual property rights. Finding affordable and expert advice can be a daunting task. We are able to offer a range of experts through our extensive networks to help.

Once registered, UK and EEA patents can obtain a range of tax benefits, known as the ‘Patent Box’ which will provide a phased in 10% corporation tax rate for on stream income linked to registered Tax Insight is able to help with the UK’s Patent Box regime and those on offer elsewhere in the EEA.

Training for Accountants and Tax Advisors

R & D is a complex area of corporation tax and our Corporate Tax Partner lectures widely to the profession through our Partnership with MBL Seminars.

Our next course in London is in October 2014, find out more information here:

‘UK R & D Tax Reliefs’ – Bloomsbury Professional Press

Written by our Corporate Tax Partner, Maria Kitt this comprehensive but readable authority on UK R & D tax reliefs will provide real insight into the innovative economy. It will provide clear advice on the R & D legislation and impact of recent Finance Act 2014 changes to the R & D tax credit breaks.

With reference to worldwide R & D tax regimes, the book also reviews the wider international opportunities for innovation vs. the UK as a focus point for innovative companies.

Trade Associations, & The Technology Strategy Board

We are able to help a range of companies through our extensive network partnerships with trade associations. Tax Insight is able to offer informed and helpful tax advice specifically tailored to your trade organisation’s objectives.

Many professional associations have strong ‘innovation’ projects, such as the RIBA and RICS, to name but a few.