January 2015 – Business is Great Britain


A refreshing start to the New Year as the Government remind us of the flagship corporate tax roadmap available for innovative companies by launching the ‘Business is Great Britain’ website.
In this no expense spared gloss over of the  mainstream tax breaks open to UK companies, the site does certainly provide us with an enticing summary of venture capital opportunities as well as the trusted R & D and creative industry reliefs.
The objective is to encourage UK businesses ( hopefully not just corporates?!) to invest in development and economic opportunities. The site promotes all these pluses against the surge in independent crowd funding firms and other peer to peer lending groups.
All good news, particularly for our own innovators.
Enjoy! but  don’t forget if it sounds too good to be true, …… Tax advice can be complex and we are delighted to offer a free consultation on how to make the most of combining any of the Business is Great initiatives.
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