Our book, UK R & D Tax reliefs & Incentives, has now reached its 5th Edition!


And is now published by Bloomsbury Profesional Press, live online here, covering the key FA 2023 changes to UK tax incentives, including:

  • The digitalisation of claims and claim notifications, effective from August 2023.
  • The extension of the tax definition of R & D cost collection to include wider data costs and cloud computing costs
  • The restrictions to subcontractor (offshore) costs from 2024 and subcontractor (UK) costs from April 2021
  • Practical examples of how and when to claim R & D tax reliefs &
  • The international dimensions of R & D tax incentives for larger innovative companies.

Working closely in the STEM community for the past 20 years, our expert author, Maria Kitt cuts through the complexity of the reliefs to ensure readers are fully up to speed with this important area of tax for innovative companies