UK R & D Tax Reliefs – 3rd Edition


UK RD tax reliefs have now reached their highest ever level of generosity following the Finance Act (Budget) 2018. Innovative companies can now obtain valuable tax reliefs, tax credits and grant funding at a level that is one of the most generous in the world. We were therefore delighted to see Maria Kitt completing the third edition of her cornerstone book, ‘UK R & D Tax Reliefs’ – shortly to be published by Bloomsbury Professional Press (July 2018).

‘With the first and second editions selling out, it is clear that reliable information on the UK innovation tax code framework is in high demand. As Brexit deepens and global markets take on more significance, understanding the international picture is ever more important for UK innovators. The book guides the reader through the latest regulations and is a ‘Go to’ handbook of reliefs and wider incentives currently available, not only in the UK, but across the EU and internationally.

I hope the third edition of the book will continue to help and inform the UK’s important Science and Technology sector and the thousands of emerging UK companies engaged in world class innovation.

Maria Kitt – Leading Author UK R & D Tax Reliefs’