Looking forward to 2014 and also the publication of our new book


We open our December Blog by wishing all of our customers a successful 2014 and all the compliments of the Season.

This month’s blog draws 2013 to a close and we are looking forward to the publication of our book on R & D. Not only an ideal late Christmas present of course, but an opportunity to look at:

  •  Getting full value from the R & D opportunity so that no cash is left on the table from HMRC
  • How to identify all project work and relevant costs
  • Identifying all costs the company can consider for the R & D enhanced reliefs
  • Accessing the large scheme tax repayment credit scheme as an SME or Large company
  • Understanding alternatives to tax funding, such as grants, business partnerships and procurement contracts with UK and EC agencies
  • Choosing from over 7,000 EU subsidy schemes which are available for R & D businesses (not just companies)
  • The pro’s and cons of the UK R & D tax schemes compared to key EEA and US territories
  • Where best to locate the company’s IP
  • The interaction of the Patent Box and the RDTR reliefs

But don’t just take our word for it, here is some feedback from our Publishers:

‘Comprehensive and extremely readable’

‘Aimed at both the busy FD, and Experienced Advisor alike’

An understanding of the key FA 2012 and FA 2013 changes leading on from the Dyson Review ‘Ingenious Britain’

A simple guide to all of the R & D opportunities open to the innovative company

Click here for full details about the book

2014: Celebrating 25 Years in Corporation Tax