Although I have already flagged up the special situation for R & D companies, Brexit continues to be a double edged sword and this will continue long after President Obama flies off from Stansted later today.

For many Companies, the Brexit decision is reactive and fairly uncomplicated; for others, the main challenge from ‘Brexit’ is the uncertainty which may well soon be over after 23 June. But for R & D companies, the unknowns spread across a range of interlinked areas; from pure financial markets and future market places, to academia and intellectual property registration and governance to Grant and State Aid for research and development projects.

The Pharmaceutical industry in particular, can attribute significant amounts of its growth marketplaces to the US and non EU territories, [as compared to an 8% slump in UK > EU sales]. But what is the impact on the EU Academic network were the UK to remove itself both as a centre of excellence and as a sponsor institution for the MHRA and NICE.
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